Romance By Catherine: THE END -

Friday, May 4, 2012


Married by Monday has those two amazing words typed at the end of it.

THE END - Which really is the beginning, but yeah baby. I'm done with my beginning draft. I will edit the hell out of it, send it to my critique partner, edit some more, send it to my editor, edit it some more, send it to beta readers...edit some more.

Then it's to you! The Happy Reader.

The cover is already done. So, my goal is to have this to you the first week in June. Finger crossed and I'll keep you updated.

Wedding Bells are Ringing!

I love Carter and Eliza. And this story has more depth. I hope you're all ready for that. Some of what made Sam and Blake so much fun was the ease of their relationship. There are some unexpected twists in Married by Monday...a little romantic suspense...and a whole lotta tension to make it all pop.

Whoo Hoo...

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Natalie A said...

ummmm...SOOO EXCITED!!! lol