Romance By Catherine: A tiny taste of Married by Monday

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A tiny taste of Married by Monday

Every day I have fans asking me when I'll have Married by Monday out for their reading pleasure.
All I can promise is that it will be worth the wait. I'm nearly done with my discovery draft and then the work on edits can begin. However, because this book will be self published, despite the offers from NY to own it, I work on my time schedule. Which means unlike some of my other titles, Married by Monday will move quickly once my editor is finished.

So...because everyone is being patient I thought I'd give you a glimpse of Carter and Eliza's story...

Unedited...and very raw... a glimpse of Married by Monday.

Eliza attempted to peel away the material of her dress from her chest. She hated the heat. After flicking open her fan, she found some relief from the forced air against her damp skin.

“Are you ready for those cutoffs?”

Carter’s voice caressed the back of her neck. The vision of him ‘almost kissing’ her flooded her senses. She swallowed, but didn’t turn his way. “Do you have any?”

“I can arrange them.” Why did his words sound like a seductive offer?

“Trying to get me out of this dress?”

“I’ve had worse thoughts.”

She turned now, and saw his cocky smile. “Don’t you have a date?”


“They why are you standing here flirting with me?” Eliza was a good many things, but a poacher on another woman’s guy, she wasn’t. Even if Eliza had known Carter a lot longer than his arm candy, he didn’t arrive with her and that made him off limits.

“Is that what I’m doing?”

“That’s what it feels like. And I have to tell ya, it’s a bad idea.”

“What’s a bad idea?”

“You and me… flirting. We clash. Remember? Last Christmas we were shouting at each other over the Christmas pudding.”

“We were arguing about a call between Green Bay and Carolina. The ref sided with me.”

“The ref was blind.” Her voice rose and all thoughts of Carter flirting with her sailed away like a pesky mosquito running from RAID.

Carter smirked.

“What’s so funny?”

“All you need is a big black stripe and you’d look like an angry hornet in that dress.”

She would have hurled an insult at him if he wasn’t so flippin’ right. Instead, she huffed out a laugh, glanced down at her dress, and let her arms flop to the side. “God it’s awful. For the record, Gwen picked it out.”

Carter turned around. “On Gwen it isn’t that bad. It’s not good, but…”

“Something tells me Gwen would look good in whip cream.” She was that beautiful. Classic lines, the perfect height, and laughing eyes. Gorgeous, and currently surrounded by three guys.

“Whip cream huh?”

Eliza placed her focus on Carter and felt a simmering heat along her skin.

Whip cream and a trickle of chocolate syrup down your thick chest. Eliza nibbled on her lower lip and a flash of light sucked her out of her brief fantasy.

She and Carter both turned to glare at the photographer. Non pulsed by their anger, the photographer was checking the digital display and nodding. “Man it’s hot tonight,” was all he said before walking away.


Mary Carver writing as Mary Moriarty) said...

Well that wets my appetite!!!! Keep up the great work !

Anonymous said...

I love it! Can't wait!

Jan Romes said...

Very nice, Catherine :-))) Woot!

Eliza March [Elizabeth Marchat] said...

Sounds tempting. Of course Carter has tempted me since Wife By Wednesday!