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Sunday, March 25, 2012 all.

Why oh why do authors put their work out there for others to read for the sole purpose of comparing to others? Why? I’m not a huge contest writer. I’ve entered a couple and have found success in both. My latest was taking 2nd place in the Silken Sands self published contest for Wife by Wednesday. There aren’t many contests available as of yet for Indie work. But I did enter and was happy that I finaled. Taking second is just fine with me.

For years, I watched the Oscars and heard one actor after another say it’s a blessing to be nominated. Which it is.  I understand that now. Enjoying a novel is entirely subjective. It’s amazing that two people can read the same book and have two completely different feelings on it.

So when we talk about contests and awards the question is why do we as authors put ourselves out there like we do? I suppose some would say it’s our egos. Which is true to some extent. Ultimately, I think it’s about finding peers that give the nod to our work. I love it when a writer that I admire takes a minute to tell me they read my work and enjoyed it. Who wouldn’t love that? The flip side is when a writer reads something and doesn’t care for it. That bites.

Still, the desire for acceptance by our peers has been there since Kindergarten when we first entered the classroom and searched the eyes of the other kids, determined to find someone you could stand beside. So we enter our work, pray for acceptance, and roll with the outcome no matter what it is.

That said, tomorrow is the day that RWA, Romance Writers of America, announces the RITA and Golden Heart finalists. I want to extend a friendly smile and wave to everyone who had the guts to put their work out there to see how it flies with their peers.

It is an honor to be a finalist, and it’s a huge step to even apply. Remember the first time you send a query? The first time you sent a manuscript to an agent or a publisher? This took guts. You can’t win if you don’t try.

I entered Redeeming Vows. This was my first attempt at the RITA. I have a snowballs chance, but I can’t win if I don’t try.

Good Luck Everyone.

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