Romance By Catherine: The Allure of the Alpha Bad Boy ~ Guest blog

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Allure of the Alpha Bad Boy ~ Guest blog

The Allure of the Alpha Bad Boy

First off, let me say congratulations to you Catherine, for your book Wife by Wednesday hitting the lists! And those new covers, my goodness, those are going to fly off the shelves. Love them!

Just from those covers alone I can tell you know the allure of the alpha bad boy. There’s just something about them, isn’t there? You know you shouldn’t. You know it could be dangerous, but they just make all your girl parts sit up and take notice.

Most of the time bad boys are bad news because they tend to take what they want and walk away without a thought leaving a trail of broken hearts behind them. But that’s not all bad boys. My heroine, Raina Ravenwing in The Half-Breed Vampire has a particular issue with bad boys. One caused her to nearly walk away from her tribe when she was younger and away at college. She almost never went back to her small town. But Raina has got a responsibility bone the size of the Golden Gate Bridge. No matter how much she’d like to avoid the traditional role her tribe has foisted upon her shoulders as the Wolf Whisperer for her tribe (their connection to the ancestors), she feels bound by both love and duty to take the role on herself and try to modernize it to help bring her people into the modern world. The problem is Slade Donovan.

A vampire with exceptional tracking skills, she’s forced to team up with him if she wants to find out the location of the elusive large wolves that are stalking her small community and find a missing teen. But Slade is bad boy from cocky smile to the tips of his big black combat boots. He has no intention of settling down, doesn’t care for small towns and adores his motorcycle.

While Raina knows it can’t possibly work out, she also can’t resist a guy who’s tough as nail but protective of those around him. One with a snarky sense of humor, even if it does annoy the hell out of her when he calls her babe instead of Officer Ravenwing. He’s temptation with a throbbing, red neon capital T.

Like Raina perhaps why bad boys are so appeal is their devil-may-care no-holds-barred approach to life. They seem to be a prime example of grabbing life a hold of the handle bars and going for one hell of a ride with the wind in your hair. On the other hand, what makes a bad boy even better is one that is so totally focused on you that you feel like the whole world doesn’t exist outside of the two of you. Add to that a heart with real feelings, and you’ve got not just a bad boy, but a keeper.

So my question for you is, what makes a bad boy appealing to you?

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Julianne said...

The fact that he is a bad boy and good girls aren't supposed to be attracted to them. It's also the total package look that draws me. But also thinking that if I could just get him to see me, that maybe I can redeem him a little.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com