Romance By Catherine: New York Times Bestselling Author

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New York Times Bestselling Author


On February 12th 2012 I will debut on the New York Times Bestseller List at #18 for E-Books for Wife by Wednesday. Can you even believe it? I sure as heck can't.

Apparently editors get these lists before they go out. The Internet list will be out on the NYT's website next Sunday.

So here is what I want to do. For everyone who goes out and picks up a NYT's paper on the 12th and takes their picture with the list... then post it on my facebook page... I will put names in a hat and give away... A Kindle. Yep, why the heck not.

Post pictures on my facebook page and come back here to comment. I will pick a winner the following week and give away a entry level Kindle. Already have a Kindle? Okay, so I'll give you a Amazon Gift Card for $80.00

YEAH!!! I'm so excited.


Calisa Rhose said...

Woot! OMG That's so exciting Catherine! Congratulations honey! I don't even know where to get a NYT paper around my tiny town or I'd be after that $80 CG!

Mackenzie Crowne said...

Double Woot! Awesome accomplishment, Catherine. I'm bummed. I'll be in NY next week, actually working in the Times building, and would take my pic of you, in the paper, in front of the paper, but I'm leaving on the 11th. Dang it. LOL Congrats again!

Georgie Lee said...


Beth Trissel said...

Congrats Catherine. Amazing news.

Christina Phillips said...

What fabulous news, Catherine! Huge congratulations on hitting the NYT bestselling list!!

Catherine Bybee said...

Calisa: LOL - thanks for the congrats.

Mackenzie: Bummer indeed. Wish I was there on that day, too.

Georgie: Thanks hon.
Beth: Yeah.... so excited

Christina Phillips: Thanks darlin'.

Jan Romes said...

Congratulations, Catherine!! That is sooo exciting :-))

Best wishes for continued success in your writing career!


Mary Carver writing as Mary Moriarty) said...

Catherine, that is so WONDERFUL!!!! Great book and Great Author!! You are deserving for sure :-) Keep doing the happy dance :-)

Catherine Bybee said...

Jan and Mary - Thanks ladies. I'll be happy dancin' for some time!

Mary Ricksen said...

Catherine! You are so amazing! I can't tell you how happy I am for you. A star is born!

Robin Covington said...

I said it already but I am so damn psyched for you I can hardly stay still!

Bask in it - you deserve it.


Catherine Bybee said...

Mary and Robin:

This may sound strange... but it sure nice being on the ground floor of watching someone make the NYT's list. Yeah, it's me... and I want to pinch myself... actually, I don't want to pinch myself, but most of the authors I love to read were already well known and big before I ever met them. So to me, this feels very grass roots.

Ya know?

Paula Martin said...

Many congrats, Catherine - but sorry, can't get the NYT here in the UK!

Darcy Lundeen said...

Oh, Catherine, what incredible news. Hitting the NYT best seller list. It's what all writers aspire to, and you've actually accomplished it. Huge Congratulations!!!

Mary Carver writing as Mary Moriarty) said...

WEll I am happy for you Catherine!! I will get a copy of the NYT and take a picture. have a great day and again congrats!!!!

LaVerne Clark said...

Super, super excited for you Catherine! Wish I could pick up a copy too, but NZ is a little too far away ;) Will check out the list when its available online.


Catherine Bybee said...

Don't forget to take a picture on Sunday... you'll have a week!

Mary Carver writing as Mary Moriarty) said...

Well Catherine, hope I posted it t the correct page. So happy for you!!!

Catherine Bybee said...

When you take a photo, you HAVE to tag me in it so it comes up on Facebook. Otherwise I don't see it.

B.R. said...

I confess, I am not a reader. Reading puts me to sleep, but when I bought Kindle fire I forced myself to read a book. I work full time and my days are longer than 8 hours.
I finished reading your book "wife by Wednesday ". It took me a while but I did it.
I would say this book - you inspire me to read more.
Thank you.