Romance By Catherine: Six Sentence Sunday from Highland Shifter

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday from Highland Shifter

I'm but a couple of weeks from releasing Highland Shifter... so how about a lil' taste.

“You’re not crazy, lass.”

She voiced a short humorless laugh and brought her glass to her lips. “Sanity is being able to judge and reason sensibly. I’m not falling into that category. Against all sensibility, not to mention everything I’ve ever been taught in life, I’m starting to believe everything you’ve been telling me since we met.” She took another swig from her glass and squinted her eyes as the amber liquid went down. “And you just jumped into a cage with wild gorillas. That’s not sane, Simon! Not sane at all.”

Highland Shifter, Simon's story, will be here by mid February. Be sure and read your way to this book starting with Binding Vows...

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