Romance By Catherine: Author Keri Ford with a Tuesday Tip

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Author Keri Ford with a Tuesday Tip

Today I have the lovely and  talented, Keri Ford giving you a quick Tuesday Author Tip.
Take it away Keri.

Don’t be afraid of the giddy.

Thanks for having me today Catherine! It’s kind of funny. Before becoming a new author, I probably could have told you several tips about being a new author.  Things that I had read about it, tips I’d picked up from other authors. What to expect.

Things like have your website up-to-date! Be active on your social media, but don’t flood your avenues with a constant stream of buy-my-book! Be creative! Do giveaways! Be different! Blog everywhere!

Yikes! That’s a lot to do. And those things are important, but don’t forget the most important part. HAVE FUN.

I mean, you’ve worked for The Release Day for how long? Mine was about five and half years from day one of writing to release date. Don’t waste the whole day or week stressing on promoting your book. Be sure to sit back, take a moment and smile at your book out there for sale at different places. Don’t be afraid of the giddy.

Enjoy it.

Don’t overwork yourself. Just because you write a thousand words every day, skip it your first release day. Grab take-out for dinner or go out to dinner to celebrate! Because that’s what your first release, a celebration!


Keri Ford is the author of six sexy contemporary novellas set in the small town of Apple Trail, Arkansas. She’s got 3 more novellas currently scheduled for 2012 and a series of single-title romantic mysteries coming 2013.

Her latest release is Chasing Her Trail and is available at TMP | Amazon |B&N |  Smashwords | AllRomanceEbooks | Bookstrand

To keep with the latest on Keri, check out her website (


Tina said...

Such an important reminder. Giddy is good! : ) Best of luck to you. The novellas sound great.

Alexa said...

Thanks for this! I just sold my
1st novella 2 weeks ago and I'm already getting overwhelmed with all the work I've got coming my way. (And of course I'm still so excited!!!)

Catherine Bybee said...

Thanks for stopping by, tina.

Alexa: conrats on you sale. Enjoy the moment!

Keri Ford said...

Tina, the giddy is fantastic!

Alexa--that is AWESOME!! Congrats!!