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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why, Catherine, Why???

I've been asked this question a lot lately... Why? I've been asked why I'm selling Wife by Wednesday at the low price of .99 cents... and how long will that price last?

So here it is: Wife by Wednesday is my 1st contemporary romance. Well, my first published contemporary romance. It is also my first Indie published book and I actually have a say as to the price my readers pay for the book. So before you ask, NO, I can't lower the price on any of my other titles. I have several other contemporary romances coming, and I'd like to find readers in this genre, hence the low price of the book.

My thoughts are this, I'd love to find more readers, more people out there that get my voice, like my writing, and want to read more of what I have out there. At .99 cents they aren't investing a lot to see if they like my style. They might not. Which is completely fine with me. There are plenty of authors who people love out there that I just don't 'get'.

How long will the under  a buck price last?  Two answers to that. If - IF Samantha and Blake's story catches a cold... goes viral and loads of people gobble it up, then I'll simply leave it at .99 cents... no need to change it. If I hover where it stands right now, I'll bring the price back up to $2.99. As much as I'd love to write books and give 'em all away for free I do need to make a little money to pay for my expenses.

So, the .99 cent price will go on through Nov 1st at which time I'll decide if I need to bring the price up or leave it where it's at.

In the meantime - I'm blogging over at Simplistik today about the power of Twitter - and Lisette wrote a wonderful review for Wife by Wednesday there as well. So come on over and visit... and be sure and follow us on twitter. @catherinebybee

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