Romance By Catherine: Re-Release Day for Soul Mate

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Re-Release Day for Soul Mate

I'm very excited to see Kari and Nick get back out in the world to make people happy again. As some of you know this novella, Soul Mate, was previously released with a different publisher. After some time and effort I received my rights back and asked my publisher over at The Wild Rose Press if they would re-release it. So now, with a very hot cover and a couple of added scenes I present to you Soul Mate...

Kari Pearce lives the life of a lone werewolf. No one knows of her affliction, not even her sister. When she hears of a missing child up in the Sequoias, Kari goes on the hunt to find the child and her abductor before tragedy can occur. Saving the child is easy, avoiding the FBI agent associated with the case is not.

Agent Nick Murdock knows he's seen Kari before, but damn if he can remember where. There's one thing he knows for sure. Kari Pearce, with her blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, is hiding something. And Nick is going to find out what.

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***Dark Diva Reviews 5 Delightful Divas and Top Pick from Original Release
"...Ms. Bybee has a definite winner on her hands with Soulmate."

***4 1/2 Bitten By Books Reviews from Original Release
"...For a novella, Soul Mate delivers a knock-out punch."

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Melisse Aires said...

So great the story got another chance. Congratulations! Cool cover, too!