Romance By Catherine: Author Beware

Monday, May 9, 2011

Author Beware

I love a good cause... I can't help it. I always want to help others and it will probably be the death of me. I'm an ER nurse in my day job. Sticking my nose in people's faces before I even know their name... "Hello, what's your Emergency today... Oh, your child stuck a bead up his nose?" I don't always ask the hard questions like... "How did your two year old get his hands on such a small object, or where were you when..." no, I just go about my job extracting said bead and moving on. The parent feels bad enough. No need for me to roll my eyes.

Now... as an author, sometimes that bead is toxic and authors come across this bead without knowing what they're getting into. They send their work to a publishing agency, get the nod, and think... "Yeah, I'm going to be published." Then things go bad.

The publisher can't make payroll - Can't return email - Can't respond to loop comments from their authors. Books are released without warning... Things go from bad to worse.

Do your homework folks. Not all publishers are the same. I'm part of a loop called RRPImplosion -

So if you're a Red Rose Published author who is experiencing the same thing I've described above, and are trying to figure out what to do... come on over. We're a support group. We promise you nothing but  offer support and advice to help you get your hard earn work back.

Here's the gig... A bad publisher is worse than no publisher at all. Trust me, I know. And bad e-publishers give e-publishing a bad name... and that's not good for any of us!


Judith Leger said...

thanks, Catherine. Good advice. BTW, the link to the loop didn't work for me.

Catherine Bybee said...

Hi, Judith... I fixed the link. Sorry about that.

Sky Purington said...

Good post, Catherine. Makes me grateful I'm with WRP. :-)

Angel Martinez said...

Thanks for this, Catherine - forewarned is armed to the teeth as it were.