Romance By Catherine: Hook, Line, and Sinker

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hook, Line, and Sinker

No, I don't fish! I do however, write queries on each and every book I write.

I read over and over agents telling authors to keep their query brief. One paragraph, maybe two, but that's it. Why is this so hard for an author? Well, they've written a whole book and condensing it to two paragraphs is like choosing a favorite between your kids.

So, fellow authors... this is how I see a query.

Hook: If the agent or publisher doesn't see a hook, or conflict, or reason for the story to be told, they are going to pass.

Line: A great line is a terrible thing to waste. One good line can hook your reader and make them want to read more.

Sinker: You can sink a prospective agent or publisher with bad writing, so sink all the extra words in your query and stick to ones that count. Use active verbs and allow your voice to sing on the page.

Best of luck!


Angel Martinez said...

Well, said, Catherine - I like that parallel. "The Blurb" is tough to write, and even harder to capture the flavor of the story.

Backs of book covers and movie trailers, I guess that's how I've always seen them.

Eliza March said...

Excellent analogy and good advice. Since every story has already been told, you need to fish for a new twist to the tale. :-) Eliza March

Catherine Bybee said...

Angel: I kinda wish I fished now... it seems so easy. LOL - But I don't have the skills to sit back and do NOTHING! LOL

Eliza: Well done... taking my analogy and twisting it into your own.