Romance By Catherine: Save the Date!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Save the Date!

Possessive has a release date - Drum roll please..............

March 23, 2011 - Yep, next month folks. Here is my official blurb and excerpt for you to warm up to.


Grief counselor Lauren Trousdale has no choice but to take her work home with her. A near-death experience left her with the ability to not only see, but also communicate with ghosts. The gift isn't one she dares reveal to anyone—certainly not to Dr. Ethan Bailey, the man she can't stop dreaming about. The ghosts are mostly kind, lost souls, but when a lovely, erotic dream about Ethan turns into a nightmare, Lauren wakes to an ice-cold room and the fear that she’s not alone.

Ethan's attraction to Lauren blooms the first time he sees her. As they grow closer, he realizes she is hiding something, but never expects her secret to be a ghostly stalker. Ethan’s only concern is protecting Lauren, but when the ghost becomes violent, Ethan must risk everything to save her. Can Lauren let him take that risk alone?


He moved closer and pretended to remove
a piece of lint from her shoulder. Her emerald green
eyes left his and glanced at her clothing. When she
rounded her gaze on him again, he stood near
enough to enjoy the heat of her skin. His fingers
itched to touch the copper strand of hair that had
escaped its binding. Lauren sucked in a breath and
licked her lips, while staring at his. There it was
again, desire bouncing off her and whacking him
upside the head.

“Go out with me.” It really wasn’t a question.
More like, “Let’s get this electrifying thing we both
want to explore going,” but he left that part

“What?” She still stared at his lips. It took all
his restraint not to lean down and respond to what
he hoped was an unconscious plea for a kiss.

“Dinner, tonight, after your shift.” The words
slid from his lips in a soft easy flow. Her response
didn’t take long.

“Okay,” she whispered. Her one word caught in
his gut and moved lower into a tight knot of

He lowered his chin and waited for her response.
Lauren pushed closer to him, the slight curve of her
breasts brushed against his chest, the sweet scent of
her floral perfume shot through his system. Sweet
Jesus, who’s being derailed now?

He stayed there hovering over her lips. “Good,”
he finally said before shifting back on his heels.

“Good.” Lauren stepped back. Her chest rose and
fell with each deep breath letting him know she was
as affected as he was.

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