Romance By Catherine: Amazon Top 100 Seller in Time Travel Romance

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Amazon Top 100 Seller in Time Travel Romance

So I'm only a few days away from the official release of Redeeming Vows, book three in my MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy, and today I clicked on over and found Redeeming Vows at #91 in the top 100 in Time Travel Romance. Yep, the print version is already on the best seller list. So yeah!

I found my mail box nice and plump with my author copies of Redeeming Vows. It's so nice to hold a book in your hand. Yeah, the thrill of publishing, in any form, is great... but the print book simply is nicer!

I re-read my whole story from page one to the end once I can hold the book in my hand. Ahhh... so nice!

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