Romance By Catherine: Fastest 1st draft ever!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fastest 1st draft ever!

Nice way to start out a blog... don't you think? Merry Santa Baby!
Okay writers... tell me, do you ever have a story that has to come out so fast your fingers just can't keep up?

With many of you doing the November NaNo thingy, I'm guessing that you'd love it if the words flowed from your fingertips like water in a stream.

In the course of two and a half weeks, I've managed to finish a 57k story. It's rough, and there are places where I need to go in and tweak and shine before it's completely ready to send out to see if it will fly... but wow. I'm shocked with how fast this one came together and hopeful that I can do it again sometime... soon.

What's your pace? Tell me about your last manuscript and how long it took you to finish it.


Lynne Roberts said...

My pace.... Well, once I wrote 80K in 4 weeks, but that's not usual.

Once I could easily write 2 to 5K a day, but now that I'm working full time, I'm happy if I get 1K done.

Clare Revell said...

Usually i don't have a problem and can do a 50k first draft in 4 weeks. It being nano, can't write for toffee lol.

Course being sick doesn't help, but the muse has just packed up and left on the one I had planned. oh well.

Angel Martinez said...

Sometimes I have to repeat a certain mantra when I see how much other writers, who get to write full time, manage (*ohm mani padme hum, I will not hate my fellow, hardworking writers*) heh.

It takes me a good three to six months to finish a novel, often written in 15 minute increments here and there, and the occasional 5-10K burst of speed on a nice, quiet weekend when no one is home.

Catherine Bybee said...

We all have a different pace and sometimes it works differently with each novel. Lets face it, Angel... when you're creating a world, it takes longer. Contemp books are going to be faster by nature. No one sprouting fangs or fur.