Romance By Catherine: Published... or not published...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Published... or not published...

You're thinking... what?
Let me 'splain my title.

I'm busy typing away, in between my naps after my busy week, and I'm writing queries and sending them off to the world of agents and publishers alike on one of my latest WIP's. The book is finished and I'm wading through some edits now before I send it off to my critique partner for review. Then, as some of you know, it will come back to me for even more edits.

Then, if I think it's done, I'll put it away in my hard drive and continue to roll out queries and get to work on other projects.

So, published or not published. Obviously i'm a published author. You can see that by my list of currently available books. But, unlike New York Big Publishing House published, some agents and publishers still don't want to see my queries or submissions on work that isn't complete.

Some are very accepting of a query on work that isn't completed, as long as it is in process.

I'd love to ask the agents out there why is it that a Big House author has to only write a proposal to sell a book, but a Small House author has to complete the book?

Isn't the point of a proposal to see if the 'idea and plot' for a book is workable... is a winning idea? And isn't the point of a never before published author having to write the entire book first a way of making sure that author can actually complete the job? I know lots of people who start, but never finish, a book.

A full length novel takes me about three months to write. Maybe less. Novella's can take only a few weeks. And short stories... Kilt Worthy took me four days.

I guess with the world of e-books busting the doors off of brick and mortar stores, the rules will be changing.

Anyway... I'm sending out my queries now anyway. And have been sending out proposals on books not yet written, too. I'll let you know how it pans out. Until I sign with an agent, I'll have to act as my own. lol

Oh, boy... that kinda sounds like a lawyer who has himself for a client. ugh.


Judy said...

How frustrating all that humbug must be!! Life is hard enough, I can't imagine waiting around to see if someone would take a chance on my book, especially after you have already been published. Good luck with all your endeavors!!

Helen Hardt said...

Yes, it is definitely frustrating! But I agree with you, the rules will be changing. Look at what we've seen happen just in the past couple years? Best of luck with your queries!

BecK said...

One day I'm going to finish writing one of my books and it's going to be published.

That's why I'm taking part in NanoWrimo, so I can get one finished.

Anyway, best of luck with your future queries. Hope I can do as well as you.