Romance By Catherine: Booo, it's October

Friday, October 1, 2010

Booo, it's October

I love Halloween, just love it. Love the kids running around getting stupid crazy on sugar and candy. (you know the dentists love this time of year - Sadists that they are) LOL

Did you know that next to Christmas, Halloween is the most commercial holiday? Yep, that means that you probably spend money on this holiday and don't even realize it. Now, I'm not talking candy and costume sales... I'm talking spooky decorations and the like.

So tell me, what is your Halloween splurge? What candy do you only eat this time of year? (Candy Corn is mine)

Do you go to an annual Halloween Party? Do you dress up, drag your hubby (who whines about the costume, or refuses to wear one) to said party?

Obviously the voices in my head are jumping ahead of me... But leave a note and give me a little bit about what you love about this time of year.


Angel Martinez said...

Candy corn, most definitely, and the little marshmallow-y pumpkins that come with them, and Milky Ways, and Snickers, and...oh, heck, I love candy. Halloween is like a carte blanche to eat it :)

I know it sounds boring, but I like to stay home and see all the kids. They're all so excited and it's so fun to see them! (My favorite last year was a tiny lion who couldn't have been more than two.)

Eliza March said...

I love dressing up. I'm not very tall so I managed to Trick or Treat for plenty of years after I had children. No one could tell who was who with the masks and I'm always ready to accept candy. ;) Eliza

Catherine Bybee said...

The lil ones are the best, Angel. And candy and I have had a long realtionship as well... As evidenced by the size of my thighs. lol

Eliza - Is that a guilty secret revealed or what? grin

Judy said...

Why does everyone love the candy corn? I wonder what is in it that appeals to us. I am a chocolate eater, but I love candy corn too!!

I love seeing the little ones dressing up in their costumes and hollering "trick or treat"!!