Romance By Catherine: Amazon Reader Review of Binding Vows

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Amazon Reader Review of Binding Vows

I love waking up to a review like this.

Thank you True Jennifer for your kind words and taking the time to post them where others can see them.

Pleasantly Surprised, September 13, 2010
True Jennifer (New York, ny United States) -

This review is from: Binding Vows (Kindle Edition)
This book had me pleasantly surprised! I loved the way Tara and Duncan's story unfolded in modern times and traveled back in time. The author did not skirt over issues of a modern woman adjusting to medieval times nor did Tara simply forgive Duncan for bringing her to the past and just fall into his arms. The story tackled the problems and never took the easy way out. I definitely felt the draw to finish the book and never wanted to put it down. Tara was feisty and modern, Duncan was a true romance hero. Even supporting characters like Myra (who I believe the next book is about) and Duncan's brother Fin, were enjoyable but they weren't just people on paper, they felt real. Bybee definitely has a fan in me. If you love Highlanders, the magic of Scotland and the need to ground a fantasy in something relatable (like starting a fantasy in modern times before taking it back) then give Binding Vows a try.

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