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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reviews for Embracing the Wolf

Okay... I have a few reviews to share with you for Embracing the Wolf. It's always nice to hear when people have read your book and liked it enough to say kind words.

In this companion to Before the Moon Rises, younger brother Richard gets his say. As with all Ms. Bybee's male characters, the Ritter brothers are delicious and just the sort of Alpha a sensible woman really wants. Gorgeous, intelligent, sensible, and with enough of a sense of self worth that he doesn't have to go around constantly proving how manly he is.

This is an exciting story with a heroine readers can relate to, struggling, single mom, trying to do the best she can in an often unfair and scary world. The love scenes are blacktop in July hot and the interactions feel real and unrehearsed. Everyone has choices to make and you can't help but hope they make the right ones.

~Author Angel Martinez~

Embracing the Wolf takes down-to-earth characters on a flight of the imagination to create a marvelous story of romance and intrigue. With an effortless hand, Ms. Bybee weaves a thrilling and alluring tale that you won’t be able to put down until it’s finished.

I could relate to Kate because she’s trying to survive on a minimum wage job. The last thing she needs is bad luck, but that’s just what she gets—which always seems to happen to people who are down on their luck. Still, she faces it with strength and determination.

And what woman wouldn’t want the help of a strong alpha male like Richard? At least Kate has enough sense to accept it, unlike a lot of heroines I’ve come across in my reading. However, Richard lends support without too much macho over-protectiveness, which makes him an even better hero. Few authors can strike that perfect balance, but Ms. Bybee is one of the best.

Expressive writing—along with stand-out characters and an interesting plot—makes Embracing the Wolf a fun, fast-paced, suspenseful novel. It’s an e-book that you won’t want to pass up.

~Nights and Weekend Reviews~

Looking for a sexy thriller? You will find that and more in Ms. Catherine Bybee’s, “Embracing the Wolf.” Starting from an action-filled first scene, you will join Kate and Richard on an emotional rollercoaster with plot twists at every turn. Just when you think you have the story figured out, another twist will send you in the opposite direction.

While I liked Kate, I thought her character could have been stronger. She seemed a little too meek and trusting for a single mother with the hurt she suffered in her past. She was, however, a good balance for the fiercely protective Richard. And though it was interesting as we were learning about how he becomes a werewolf, he was definitely not in his canine form long enough for this werewolf lover.

The climax of this story left me a little underwhelmed, but don’t let that deter you. Ms. Bybee definitely has a way with words, especially when it comes to love scenes. I could see the characters and feel their passion grow as the story continued. And if you like sweeter sex scenes, these are definitely for you.“Embracing the Wolf” is full of humor, action, lust and of course, hunky werewolves that will keep you entertained and howling at the moon.

~Angelique from Happily Ever After~

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