Romance By Catherine: Kilt-A-Licious - Excerpt and Blurb

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kilt-A-Licious - Excerpt and Blurb

Kilt-A-Licious by Catherine Bybee
Ménage/Time Travel/Erotic Romance
Coming Soon From Cobblestone Press


Time traveling Highlander, Chase Donnach, would like nothing better than to enjoy his last days in the twenty-first century in the arms of the feisty, redhead Sheri Lansing. When their mutual sexual pleasure develops into much bigger emotions of love and forever Chase has to convince Sheri that he’s the Highlander for her.

All of Sheri’s life the people she grows to love leave her. When Chase slips into her heart, she reflexively pushes him away. Can Chase really love her as much as he says, or are the destined to only be lovers lost in time?


“What if…what if I brought Jason here for a one night stand?” Lord, that was lame.

Chase’s eyes grew big, but then softened. “But ye didn’t.”

“But what if I did? I mean, what if I’m not ready to settle down with one guy?”

Suddenly, all the worry etched into Chase’s face drifted away, like he knew something scandalous that no one else could possibly know.

“Well, then, perhaps ye need to get Jason out of yer system.”

“Maybe I will.” Yet, all of a sudden, Sheri felt like she was being played. Like Chase held all the cards, and she was the pot in the middle of the table growing bigger by the second.

“Then I’ll wait.” He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall.

Sheri felt the room closing in. She’d lost control of this conversation, and she didn’t like it. Not one bit.

“Or maybe I’ll want two men?”

Chase pulled up one edge of his mouth in a half smile. “At the same time, lass?”

She swallowed. He was calling her bluff. Anxiety brought her heart rate to a gallop and goose bumps racing up her arms. “Maybe.”

Slow and steady, Chase lowered his hands and advanced.

Sheri slid toward the wall.

“There are two men with ye now, love. Perhaps we can purge ye of these desires.”

She gulped, a big fat audible gulp that Jason had to of heard in the other room. “Maybe.”

Chase placed one strong hand on the wall by her head and dipped closer, his lips mere inches from hers. “There is only one thing, love.”

“Yes,” she said on a breath.

“If I do this for ye, be prepared to do anything I ask in return.”

Oh, God. She was officially screwed. What would he ask?

For a moment, neither of them moved, blinked or breathed. Then a voice from the living room rang out.

“So, am I joining this party or should I go?”

Should she? Could she?

Chase was calling her bluff, or hand or whatever metaphor worked. Or maybe he was pushing her further. Perhaps he’d back off the minute she let Jason touch her. Remembering his insane jealousy at the bar, Sheri puffed her chest out, grazing his.

“Do you have condoms, Jason?”

The smile didn’t leave Chase’s face, but one eyebrow rose high.

He’ll fold.

“Never leave home without them.”

One second passed, then two. Chase said nothing. His stare never wavered.

Sheri had one more hand to play. She lifted her lips to his ear so only he could hear. “Be warned, Jason enjoys men and women in his bed.” With those little words, Sheri stepped out of Chase’s arms and walked over to Jason who now stood blocking the hallway.

The devilish smile on Jason’s face bordered on comical. Sheri wasn’t laughing, and she wasn’t going to pause and let Chase know she had second thoughts about what they were embarking upon. She stepped into Jason’s personal space, tilted her head to the side, and kissed him fully on the mouth. There was no exploration, no slow mingling of taste. There was hardly any time to compare notes before she felt Jason’s hand reach out and spread over her ass.

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Shelley Munro said...

Great excerpt. I'm thinking things will get very steamy. Nice cover too. :)

Lynne Roberts said...

This is a must read! Well done, Catherine. : )