Romance By Catherine: Binding Vows ~ 5 Tombstones from BBB

Friday, June 4, 2010

Binding Vows ~ 5 Tombstones from BBB

5 Tombstones from Bitten By Books!

Tara McAllister is a waitress who works for tips while going to nursing school. She is a typical woman of the 21st century. She doesn’t believe things she can’t see or touch. She also has a friend that talks her into attending a Renaissance Faire where they must be in full costume and sleep in tents. She is overjoyed…not.Duncan MacCoinnich is from the 16th century but has traveled in time to the 21st century. He is of Druid descent, and magic runs through his veins. Duncan and his brother must find what they need in modern times within three days or the witch Grainna will be too powerful to take down.

Tara and her friend Cassy drive to a Renaissance Faire in the middle of nowhere California in the summer heat. Tara hates it from the get go. Cassy is excited that there is a witch that will read palms and dares Tara to go. Tara is twenty-five and still a virgin, so she decides that if the witch can guess that, she will shut up and pretend to enjoy herself. The witch guesses correctly and makes them into royalty during the fair. She starts to enjoy herself until a gorgeous man and his brother start talking about witches and druids. Duncan needs to take Tara away before Grainna can kill her for her innocence and will stop at nothing to do it; he just doesn’t think his feelings for her will get in the way. He decides that if he can’t save her in this time then he must take her back to his. He just hopes that she won’t hate him for too long because he wants her more than just a way to stop Grainna - he wants her for himself.

Binding Vows was such a amazing book. It is possibly the best I have read so far this year. In a typical romance where the woman or man travels back in time, it is usually dreamy and sweet. Not in this book. It tells what it would be like for a typical woman to go back. You have no indoor plumbing, cars, modern medicine or air conditioning. Doesn’t seem so romantic now, huh? Well, Tara is just that woman and she ain’t happy. It is hilarious watching her get to know her new surroundings and laughing at Duncan while he tries to make it easier for her. What a pair these two are. It was so much fun getting to know them. Of course, Catherine left a cliff hanger, and now we must wait for the next installment. Is it ready yet?

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