Romance By Catherine: Review for Destined to Mate

Friday, February 12, 2010

Review for Destined to Mate


A feline mated to a werewolf?As a Chimera, half lioness/half human, Alexis Xanthis, has never released the beast within. Until she meets Lykan Alpha, Morgan LeVey. Being near him triggers a powerful need to mate, but is Morgan strong enough to dominate her feline side and still handle the human half with a gentle hand? And will the powers that be allow it?

My Review

Fighting like cats and dogs has nothing on 'Mating like cats and dogs!'

~ Destined to Mate is a fast paced page turner that offers more than the average erotic romance. Forces of two different species of shifters, vamps and even fey folk, Destined to Mate delivers one hot enjoyable read. Ms. Salo talent shouldn't be missed. If you haven't read this shifter delight, then you, my friend, are missing out. One word of warning... Don't plan on doing anything until this story is DONE!
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