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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Cheep!

Now that I have your attention... LOL I thought I might let you know where I'm on sale.

Fictionwise has a copy of both Kilt Worthy and Binding Vows. If you're a member of Fictionwise, you can save some money by downloading these kilted titled from them. All you have to do is click HERE for my page.

If you're a paperback lover... Binding Vows is on sale via Amazon. Just click HERE.

What? You own a Kindle? Good to know... Click HERE for a copy of Soul Mate... again, on sale.

If you've already picked up your copy of Binding Vows and or Soul Mate... do me a favor. Click on over to the links I've provided and take a minute to TAG the pages. Scroll down to the TAG section and click on the tags that you feel tell a little about the book. Did you know that TAGGING on Amazon is how your books are found on Amazon? The more tagging going on, the more your books show up on searches. FYI!

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