Romance By Catherine: And the award goes to...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

And the award goes to...

Hollywood isn't the only place giving awards out this time of year. Preditors and Editors Reader polls are now open for voting. It's time to give the P&E site your two cents on who's books you've enjoyed and which authors made you smile throughout the year. They have categories for just about everything. So take the time and look over the nominees. If you don't see someone there that you feel deserves to be, add in your nomination.

I've found my name in two of the categories this year, which both humbles and flatters me.

Binding Vows is up for best romance novel. Click HERE for the link.

And I've been added as a nominee for Author published in 2009. Click HERE for that link.

I'm simply happy to see my name in the polls. Vote however you like, but vote. These polls need participation in order to work.


Shelley Munro said...

How exciting. Congratulations. Happy New Year!

Lynne Roberts said...

Yay! How exciting for you. I saw your name there too. : )

I just purchased BINDING VOWS last night. I can't to start reading tonight when the kiddos go to bed!


Eliza March said...

I voted for BINDING VOWS. I loved it!