Romance By Catherine: In celebration of Kilt Worthy

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In celebration of Kilt Worthy

In celebration of my debut release this Friday, I'll be on multiple blogs. Here is the line up.
Friday August 7th *RELEASE DAY*
On August 10th I'll be visiting Helen Hardt's Blog.
On August 14th I'll be yakking with Rachel Moniz.
So please stop by so I don't feel like a dork without friends. lol
Feel free to stop by here on my blog on the 7th as well. I have my scarlet editor, Lori LeBonde, in my hot seat.
I've asked her all kinds of questions that I'm sure you'd be interested in reading the answers to. Lori is all kinds of fun! She even suggested that I pop in my kilted Scotch boys to entertain you.
For you Lori...


Mary Ricksen said...

Hey you forgot the 21st with the Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers!
Probably the blog that will give you the most hits!!

I wish you many sales Catherine, many more than ever!

Mary Ricksen said...

I am so glad I watched that video!

Kaye Manro said...

Good Luck Catherine.

Emma Lai said...

Busy, busy bee! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

As good as I remember! Thanks for posting this again, Cathy.

Now I need to go take a cold shower. Or step out into the rain.