Romance By Catherine: Summer time, and the livin’ is easy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer time, and the livin’ is easy!

I’ve had some time to recoup from my ‘vacation’ with the family. Although RVing isn’t a vacation. I don’t care how you spin it, the RV is a place where you cram your family into smaller accommodations with less facilities to take care of their basic needs. Or, as the previous owners wife of our RV said… “It’s another place to cook and clean.”

Our trip took us 4200 miles across the states. We visited 12 states in all, which may not sound like much if you live on the east coast, but having started in California you have to cover a lot of miles to hit that many states. We followed Route 66 until Arkansas than floated around there for a while. My DH’s paternal roots are there. We spent time headed North and crossed the Mississippi briefly while searching for an RV campground outside of St Louis. Then we found the 70 and headed home. Yep, a big circle!

So lets talk about the south. I’ve never seen a firefly in my life before this trip and those lil’ bugs are a marvel. Truly something I felt giddy about as they flew over the White River. I enjoyed those more on the 4th of July than the fireworks blowing off everywhere. In California, it’s illegal to buy, or set off fireworks in nearly every county. So when we found ourselves in Kansas on the 4th we enjoyed every moment of the celebration of our country’s freedom.

Now we saw a lot of historical places, crossed many large and lazy rivers. But one of the things that stuck out more than anything was the people. Friendly, helpful and smiling strangers happy to have crossed your path. You don’t have to have blown a tire outside of Winslow Arizona and have the Highway Patrol blow past you without even stopping to notice the difference when you arrive in a small town, but it helps. I’m not bad mouthing the two officers who couldn’t be bothered… nor am I giving a hunk of garbage to the strangers in California… but I sure did like the warmth of the people of the south. No, let me change that to the people in middle America.

Ohh… and the RV? It’s for sale. Next year, I’m gonna let someone else cook and clean. I’m thinking a Hawaiian cruise where all I have to do is choose my menu and lift my hand for that little drink with the colorful umbrella.


Rachel E. Moniz said... more rolling turd? My dream first purchase if I was a lottery winner would be a Winnebago. You've got me re-thinking that plan.

That Hawaiian cruise sounds delightful!

Catherine Bybee said...

Oh, my... you do need to re-think your dream. I want Sven to peel my grapes and fan my ass on my next vacation.

Helen Hardt said...

Welcome home! I have to say, I've always wanted to do the rolling turd thing. Of course, we just got back from an all-inclusive resort in Curacao... No complaints there, LOL. Hawaiian cruise? Where to do I sigh up?

Mary Ricksen said...

I so understand. If there had been room for a maid, things would have been better. No one in the family gets that when they go on vacation and you rent a place or have an RV, there is no vacation for the woman-mom,(at least with most families. I want a vacation where I am waited on. Where someone else cooks and cleans and YES, then I'd be on vacation like everyone else was!
Anyways, I get it, welcome home!
Helen, the cruise sound ideal to me!

Shelley Munro said...

Living on the road is hard work and I can see how you'd enjoy a cruise for a change. The US has such great facilities for RVing and camping though. I'm very envious about that.

Dayana said...

I love fireflies! Odd thing though, Catherine. I was born and raised a South Jersey girl. We had millions of fireflies every summer. The nights were whimsical and if you lived near and around a lot of trees which I did it was absolutely breathtaking. There little amber light blinked all night long. They are a gentle bug and as a young girl I would catch them and let them wander my hands and fly away. One of my fondest memories of childhood.

I have been here in South Florida for a total of over twenty-some years now. This year is the FIRST time I have ever seen a firefly! It is the most amazing insect I have ever seen. It was the color of those new blue christmas lights. The tiny LEDS ones. And it was much larger than the ones I remember from my youth. I've seen it in my neighbor's yard and my a few night in a row but it seems to have moved on. Anyway, your mention brought back wonderful memories:)

You know, I have been jonesing to RV. Just me, DH and my dog. Hmmm...I may just rent one for a couple of weeks to learn the ropes-pros and cons so to speak. I'm a driving kind of girl. Love long rides, always loved camping the REAL way so I thought RVing might be fun. All the convenience of the tent thing but less complicated.

Now you've got me thinking...


Cate Masters said...

I can't imagine a summer without fireflies! So glad you got to experience them firsthand. An RV might be fun with just a hubby along!

Catherine Bybee said...

Just me and the hubby... Hmmm, maybe later in life. Then again, I'm burned out! Don't get me wrong, we've had some great times... But I'd like the road trip with the caddy and hotel rooms.