Romance By Catherine: Move 'em up... Head 'em out!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Move 'em up... Head 'em out!

Finally! We're packin' up the Big Rolling Turd and headed to God only knows where. Really, we have only a sketchy plan and a certain amount of days to be gone. We're gonna' follow old Route 66 for a while and hit the wastelands of America's mid-states. Or as I frequently call them: Prime Witness Relocation Places.

I'm gonna post a few pre-thought out posts and a few reminders along the way.

Wish me luck...
Oh, BTW my friend Dayana Knight is up for LASR's book of the week. http://www.longands hortreviews. com/LASR/ recentrev. htm
Stop on over and vote for Bestial Cravings.


Kaye Manro said...

Have great fun, Catherine! And a late congrats on the release date for Soul Mate! Yea!

Dayana said...

Have a wonderful time, Catherine. See you when you get back!

Thanks for the plug:)