Romance By Catherine: Secondary Characters Video Blog

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Secondary Characters Video Blog

Thanks for stoppin' by!


Rachel E. Moniz said...

Hi Catherine!

As always, LOVE the video blog...well done!

I like my secondaries to be quirky. Sometimes a bit of a bad influence on the hero/ine, but at other times their Jiminy Cricket that keeps them on the right path.

I also love when an author has a 'recurring' character in each book. Virginia Henley comes to mind with her Mr. Burke character that made an appearance in several of her novels.

Hope you are staying cool out there in CA! It's cloudy, rainy and 58 here in RI.

Catherine Bybee said...

Thanks, Rachel.
We are hot today... getting up into the 90's. I just want the fire season to think it's still winter. sigh

Recurring characters is why I love writing series books. I fall in love with all my characters and I love developing them further.

Karin said...

I enjoyed your video blog. Secondary characters, properly fed, of course, are the stimulus that makes the main characters do what they do. Without them you have a he said - she said and there is never a reason to deviate.

Catherine Bybee said...

Well put, Karin.

Angel Martinez said...

Hi Catherine! You look lie Summer out there today.

You know I love my secondaries - from the villain to the ex-lover to the parents. Foils, catalysts, motivations- they d all these things for our MC's.

Our inner worlds have vast populations and it's so fun to tap into them :)

Kaye Manro said...

Hi Catherine-- Like you, I love secondary characters!

BTW nice background setting for your vid blog today!

Emma Lai said...

Great post Catherine! I see you've migrated to a more summer-like venue. What beautiful inspiration. Some of my secondary characters have become primary characters in later stories...they just wouldn't be quiet!

Catherine Bybee said...

Angel: Yes, it is summer here. I thought the backgrown should match my tank top.

Kaye: Thanks for stoppin' by. Secondary characters are almost easier to write at times.

Emma: The veranda behind me is where I spend my evenings writing. It is an inspiration for me! And yes, my secondary characters do get their own stories. That is why I love trilogys and series books. Even Simon may one day have his own story to tell... Who knows, depends on how well my MacCoinnich books go over. *fingers crossed here*

Helen Hardt said...

Love those video blogs! Secondary characters can be a lot of fun. More than once, I've had one clamor for his own story, LOL.


Kim Smith said...

Very nice vlog, Catherine! Great info too. I am so jealous. I am getting way behind on my vlogging and will have to get one done soon.

Do you use a webcam to do yours or ??