Romance By Catherine: Boys and Girls

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Boys and Girls

I am the mother of son and not daughters. Every once in a while my boys will do somthing so completely male I have to share it.

Now before anyone gets their panties in a bundle because of my stereo-typing, these are my observations as witnessed just this week.

Scenario: First warm day where the swimming pool is above 70 degrees. To darn cold more me, but children apparently have very little sensitivity to the cold unless they are told to go outside in the winter to feed the dog!

"Let's go over to *"Mrs. B.'s" house and go for a swim."

All the kids are standing on the step of the pool waiting for the first one to go in on a dare... Because it really is cold but none of them want to admit it.

*Susie yells, "Oh, Mom there is a dead lizard in the bottom of the pool." She jumps out of the pool pointing.

My oldest son rolls his eyes and dives in to retrieve the deceased reptile. After waving the dead in Susie's face for good measure, he proceeds to flip the dearly departed over and poke at it. His younger brother gets in on the action until one of them yells. "Hey, mom, what is this blue stuff coming out of it."

That my friends was a completely male moment.
Dead anything + Boys = Poking until its guts come out.
Dead anything + Girls = 'Ewehhh' ... Now Susie did peek at the dead, but had no interested in dissecting it. 'Cause that's just gross!'

*All names have been changed to protect the innocent, allbeit squirmy, friends.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Catherine, that was hilarious. I have two girls. My eldest is the "Ewww..." type, but my little one--forget it. I think I have a tom boy on my hands, lol.

Great post.

Christina Phillips said...

Totally true, Catherine. I had two girls first, and then a boy and it was like being a newbie mum because he was SO DIFFERENT!!!

And yes, he's fascinated by oozing guts especially if accompanied by maggots *stomach heaves*

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Too funny. My son thinks he's superman and not afriad if snakes, but when we took him to the zoo for his birthday and visited the rainforest exhibit where the snakes are, he decided they were great behind glass, but not where he could touch them. But the crocodile that swam right at him was awesome and he wanted that for a pet. (Ready and willing to trade my cats and dogs for said croc right then and there).


Catherine Bybee said...

The testosterone in my home is so thick somedays I think my boobs are going to fall off simply because they're out numbered. UGH!
Glad you ladies enjoyed my boy-banter.

Rachel E. Moniz said...

LOL....Catherine, I snorted when I read your line about your boobs falling off!

My dad made nature fun and I was the little girl who would pick up snakes and toads and creep out the 'sensitive' boy next door. If I had been there i would have been checking that blue stuff out (ewww, I know!)

Helen Hardt said...

LOL! I live with a husband and two teenage sons. I was raised by a single mom and I had one sister. Boys are foreign to me, so I totally get where you're coming from.

Sarah Simas said...

Too funny! Except I would have been the girl elbowing the boys out of the way. LOL

I'm holding out hope that my daughter follows in my footsteps. I had a blast playing GI Joe and milking cows put me through college. BUT, if the dearly departed had been a spider...*Eew!*

Ashley Ladd said...

LOLOL. I'm the mother of five kids - three boys and two girls. I also have a grandson.

Even though my girls are tomboys, they still can't stand the bugs and lizards and dead things etc. the boys think are cool. :)

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Hey, that's great! Do you suppose it's just conditioning, or are they born that way?

Shelley Munro said...

LOL - boys like to see how things work. I'm happy to look at bugs etc as long as they don't decide to jump on me!

Kaye Manro said...

Now this is a great post for a good laugh. (And I'm laughing even more because I have a character that has Reptilian DNA--lol)

Kids are so much fun??