Romance By Catherine: Heroines~ What we love ~ What we hate

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Heroines~ What we love ~ What we hate


Mary Ricksen said...

I love the idea of a video blog, it's just so novel.
And I agree, our heroines cannot be too independent. Or it wouldn't be romance!

Catherine Bybee said...

I'm with ya, Mary. The woman has to NEED the man in some way. Emotionaly, physicaly??? Something.

Angel Martinez said...

Catherine - I'm sitting here after work, truly enjoying your video blog and it occurs to me: my poor tired eyes don't have to READ it. Thank you, thank you, thank you., you know I'm not typocal in this regard. I do like a strong woman but usually my heroines get to be strong in one way or another. Those with physical strangth are often a mess emotionally. Those who are intelectually and emotionally strong often have some physical flaw.

I hate, absolutely HATE, heroines who feel they have to play games to 'get their man'. Bleah. And despise the ones who swoon and melt at the first touch ofan Alpha male. Grow a backbone woman. Sheesh.

Christina Phillips said...

Great video blog, Catherine! And I agree that the heroine has to need the hero - while my ladies have an inner core of strength, there's always something missing - until they meet their soulmate (I love soulmate stories, so that's what I tend to write!!)

Helen Hardt said...

Hey, hon, great video! And thanks for mentioning me, I'm honored.

Heroines -- I absolutely agree, they need to be as fierce and passionate as the hero. And they need strength. No one wants to read about a wimpy woman who relies on her man for everything. It's okay for her to be rescued (that's so hot!) but she needs to do what is within her power to save herself as well.

I like heroines who are very feminine also. I get so tired of the heroine who wears pants. And I mean that metaphorically, of course. Yes, strength and femininity can co-exist.

My two cents. Again, wonderful blog! One day I'm going to learn how to do these, LOL.


Shelley Munro said...

Great video, Catherine. I really dislike those TSTL heroines who know they shouldn't go down to the basement because it's dangerous but go down anyway and need the hero to save them. I like strong heroines, ones that give the hero a hard time and tease him. They make him laugh and are strong enough mentally to meet him on equal terms.

Kaye Manro said...

I love your facial expressions. And these videos are so entertaining to watch. It's great PR. I agree with most about heroines. Strength is good, but combined with a soft touch.

Catherine Bybee said...

Angel: I knew I could count on you for a view on heroines. Considering you write a lot of m/m romance. LOL. But I agree a trite heroine is well... trite (hmmm? did I spell that right?)

Christina: I love that term... Soulmate. Geeze, I should write a book with that title..sigh 'been there... done that'

Helen: No wimpy women allowed! But the guy has to be a hero and I don't mind him saving her collective ass once and a while.

Shelley: Considering you have a bit of my pocket change for reading your books... I do know this about the women you write. lol

Kaye: Ahh thanks *big puppy eyes flash at computer*. It truly is just me. And lets face it. I video blog 'cause I can't spell worth the damn! grin

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Loving the blogs, Catherine! Especially the Scotch commercial from an earlier post. :)

I hate a heroine who NEEDS the man to do everything for her. Or seems to be doing okay, but when she meets the Hero, suddenly she can't do anything without him.

I like when meeting the hero changes her for the better, but she then grows strong enough to make that change on her own if she has to. Not sure if I've stated that so it makes sense.

Keep the blogs coming! :)

Monica Kaye said...

Great post! I can't stand mealy-mouthed heroines. Or those TSTL (Too stupid to live). My favorite quote comes out of a Linda Howard novel. I'm paraphrasing but basically the heroine is in hiding from the killer and the hero needs to leave her at the safe house or motel or wherever and he tells her to stay put and she looks at him and says something to the effect "I'm not an idiot."

I hate those women who go running off half-cocked and get their butt kidnapped! Oh, and those who get 'forced' into marriage (modern day). BLECH!

Tricia Leigh Wood said...

I love the video blog. It is so new and refreshing.

I love a heroine who is independent and strong but I also like to see her vunerable in some way. Something that makes her dependent to a small degree on the hero.

Christina Phillips said...

Catherine, lol! I'm hanging out to read Soul Mate!!!

Lori LeBonde said...


"Heroine," "trite" ... you spelled them correctly -- you don't need me! But please, keep doing the video blogs. We love 'em. :-)

Weighing in on the subject of heroines: Women who are interesting in their own right grab my attention. When I meet a heroine in a story, and realize she's someone I'd like to meet in real life, we're off to a good start. If her character is well-developed, multi-dimensional, believable and likable, she resonates with me. Her life is probably fine as it is. In fact, she's relatively happy. Then, along comes a man. The man. Her man. Suddenly, she sees more possibilities, more sunshine, more colors in the rainbow (speaking of trite...!). And as she and her soul mate work through the internal and external challenges they need to overcome (i.e., conflict) before they reach HEA, she realizes she can be so much more than she ever dreamed possible. Mr. Right held a mirror up to her, and showed her that everything she needs, she already has within her; she just has to believe in herself. This is his primary role (besides the great sex!): to love her as she is, to show her how he sees her, and to help her realize her dreams. Okay, that's three things, but you get what I mean. :-)

So, those are my personal preferences when it comes to heroines. Harder to write, harder to edit, yet more crucial to the story than even the hero. Gotta have reader buy-in on the heroine.

How's that for pressure, ladies?! LOL