Romance By Catherine: Sony vs. E-Bookwise vs. Kindle

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sony vs. E-Bookwise vs. Kindle


I know this has been talked about before, but I really need to know what to ask Santa to bring me for Christmas this year.

Let me see if I have this right:
Kindle - The Cadillac of e-readers with a pricey bottom line - Drawbacks are the back light?

Sony - Second in line on price with a 'okay' back light but ease of downloading.

E-Bookwise - Price is cheapest of them all but downloading is a problem with some formats but the back light is good.

How long is the battery power on these babies? And can I adjust the size of the font as my eyes just ain't as good as they used to be. grin.


Jenni said...

I asked for a Kindle for Christmas. I have a friend who has the Sony then switched to the Kindle. Likes the Kindle much better. Unfortunately, the Kindle has sold out and they are saying it's about 1-13 weeks for shipment. Not usually the patient sort, but I want the kindle.

Catherine Bybee said...

Thank you Oprah. Ahh well, makes it good for the business I think.

Jennifer Ross said...

I want to know the answer to this question as well. Actually, I want a totally new thing.

I want something that can play audio books as well as e-books, I want it to have a bookmark feature that actually marks where you're at in a story (both for audio and e-book) and I want it to read or listen to every format out there. I want to be able to adjust the font size or volume or backlight, or choose whether to use an earpiece or hear through its own internal speakers.

Really, I want it all and since I know the technology exists, why can't I have it? Oh yeah, because I don't want it to cost thousands of dollars.

Helen Hardt said...

After doing all the research, I decided on the Sony. Its battery is long lasting, and the print is easy to read. No back light, but they tried to make it as much like reading a real book as possible. Real books, of course, have no back light ;). Who's to say I wouldn't have loved the Kindle or the Ebookwise just as much? I probably would have. I can only speak for the Sony, and I'm extremely pleased with it.


Cate Masters said...

Here's a site that compares Kindle vs. Sony features side by side:
My guess is there will be constant upgrades (like video games) for both - hopefully they'll make them backwards-compatible (which some games weren't, making it expensive!)

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Catherine,
The Kindle certainly seems to be the leader of the pack, but for a mental pgymy like me when it comes to techno stuff, at least you have made it a little easier. I think I am now leaning towards the Sony.

hollie said...

Hi sweetie as you know i have the sony (I know i say it often) cos I wubs you I have just tested it and yes the sony can be read by candle light (I'm sad I know). The text is easy to read it will take alot of formats including PDF and word. I recharage it every weeks or so and it's light and so simple even The Smurf can manage it.


Catherine Bybee said...

Hehe... Yep, I'm a smurf at times. And I do need a backlight. My hubby isn't a reader and the light on bothers him.

Kitty Keswick said...

Last year I got a Sony-E book reader for my b-day. (model PRS-505)
I like it. It's fairly easy to operate.The font changes sizes. The battery lasts pretty long. I'm a huge reader, but I haven't finished the book that I loaded on it. I think it's more the book than the e-book reader.
I just read that Sony has made some major changes to the reader...for the better.

Catherine Bybee said...

So should I wait until after Christmas you think? I want the latest technology. No use getting an old one if the new one is better.

Anonymous said...

Another comparison-shopping link for you :)

Faith said...

I don't know much about either one cept for li'l things I've been told. The Sony one shows ebooks in odd formats if not purchased from their store. The Kindle makes you pay for access to blogs.

I'm waiting for the Astak reader to hit the market. Well, the small ones are available from what I understand, but I want the big model for this writer/editor's eyes. Here's the link:

P.L. Parker said...

Great information. I've asked for one for Christmas, but didn't have any idea which brand. Go Oprah!!!!

P. L. Parker

Becky said...

I really want a reader, too, but have no idea which one. Are both Sony and Kindle just black and white? Do the pages look like "real" pages? Can you see the cover if you want?


Catherine Bybee said...

Can anyone suggest the best place to buy one of these nifty toys?