Romance By Catherine: In one day it all can change!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

In one day it all can change!

The top two pictures are from today. You see the chopper loading water from the golf course. The fire is in the back ground. To the right of the chopper is a closer view of what is happening right now. The wind is calm and that is why the smoke is going straight up.

The second set of pictures are from yesterday. The Sylmar fire had already done its damage to over 400 homes.

Waking up to this at three in the morning is never fun. This is the back side of the Sylmar Fire from my living room. In southern California we have beautiful weather most of the year. But with all that beauty there are some risks. And fire is one of them.

Two days ago my blog was about if I should continue my RWA membership and today I look out my window and hope the fire stays up in the forest. My heart goes out to all those people who lost their homes and if I decided to let my RWA membership lapse, the money I would have spent will go to the Red Cross to help those who have real problems.


Catherine Bybee said...

Okay... A follow up...

The fire reached to the homes below the first ridge you see in the picture. As of today the fire dept has been running choppers ever ten minutes during daylight hours to get the flames and smoke out. A half a mile from my home is way to darn close.

Ashley Ludwig said...
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Ashley Ludwig said...

So glad the fires are gone... hope mudslides aren't an issue for you... Temecula was spared this time around. The rain is welcome. Hope you and yours are well this holiday!